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If we all acted a little more like Jim and less like Dwight, the world would be a much happier place. The meaning of life is to focus on the details, strive for great solutions, to have more fun than your ex is having, and using the oxford comma.

Im a fun guy, I think... My sense of humor is wicked and my language of love is joking with someone. Im the world record holder* of clap-back speed. I can spit out some wit in the matter of milliseconds and make anyones bad day just a little bit better by making them smile.

Im a lover, not a fighter, but I will stand up for what I believe in and for those whom I love. Im a full on momma's boy. She even tells me I'm handsome. So, who are you to disagree with my momma?

*not official. Self acclaimed.


Im a city boy from the country. When I say country, I mean I graduated from French Settlement High School in 2008 (you can go ahead and google it). Soon after, I made my way to Orlando, Florida to attend Full Sail University where I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Arts and Design (one of my proudest achievements so far) in 2010!

Although I believe Im finished with my career as a college student, I haven't stopped learning. I welcome constructive criticism. As of now, my education is completely self driven to learn and become fluent in Spanish.


Designing is my passion, not just a job. I love to create and see the excitement on the clients face when they see their idea come to life. Ive worked for myself as a full-time freelance artist to being the Sr. Graphic Designer for one of the largest printing houses in the south and even the Director of Media and I.T. for the administration office of Livingston Parish.  

Over time of 12 years, Ive become proficient in the entire Adobe CC suite, mastery in Print, Identity, animation, and even modeled in 3D. Not to honk my own horn, but Im a Jack of all trades, and a master of many. But don't take my word for it. Check out my resume to see some of the clients I had the extreme honor designing for!


My skills show through my design. I can take up your entire day listing out the skills I have learned and used. Thats not to sound arrogant, but its confidence that I have the right skills your looking for in a hire! Ill try and keep the list short and sweet, but I cant make any promises. 


Color Theory




Corporate Identity


Social Media Marketing






Pre-Press and Printing




Tradition Illustration


Traditional Print 


3D Modeling


Email Marketing

Volunteer Work

Im a firm believer that if you aren't using your life to better others lives, then you are simply wasting your own. If I am ever presented with the opportunity to do good, I never hesitate to take it on. I love designing so much, that I offer my time and skills to many non-profits for no charge.

At the moment, I am on the board for 3 non-profits:
Capital City Alliance Board member and official designer for the organization. Everything from social media to snap chat filters, to posters and push cards to educate the public about the organization.

Progressive Social Network - Board member of the Civil Rights committee where we advocate and write laws for those who feel like that have been discriminated against. I also do all the design for this organization, such as t-shirts and more push cards.

Currently, Im the co-author of the Be Civil BR - Civil Rights ordinance. After researching over 500 cities and their human rights commissions, we crafted our own ordinance. It is currently in the hand of East Baton Rouge Metro Council. We are simply waiting for them to introduce it to the agenda as of July 2019. 

Cure for Daisy 
Daisy is an 10 year old girl from a city near me.  Daisy has Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM). JDM is an inflammatory disease of the muscle, skin, and blood vessels that affects about three in one million children. There are no celebrities as a spokesperson for the parent organization Cure JM.  The second I met Daisy, she had my heart. This little girl did nothing to deserve this incurable disease and I will do whatever it takes to continue to support her organization until a cure is found.

My volunteering doesn't just end with me being a board member.  NO!  I am on the disaster relief team for the American Red Cross.  One of the most fulfilling opportunities I had to work with the American Red Cross was the flooding of Baton Rouge in 2016 when 40% of the homes in the Baton Rouge Metro area had at least 2 feet of water.  I worked tirelessly day and night for 7 days governing several buildings of people who had just lost everything.  I had a elderly lady come to me and ask if I could call her daughter to let her know she was ok.  Listening to that conversation between the two made me realize that I could never pass up an opportunity because you never know who will need help.